In Memoriam

Those we love, don’t go away
They walk beside us, every day
Unseen, Unheard, but always there
Still missed, still loved, still very dear.

In memory of my beloved Rottweilers...

Barrie Ipie-Jomar
Barry v.d. Brantsberg
Barry v.h. Zwarte Water
KA Barry v.d. Hessenfarm
Seric v.d. Hondsrugshoeve
Barry v.d. Gerichtburg Hoeve
Extebarrya v.d. Leemlande
Ajana Dubarriesch

Barry Ipie-Jomar | Dybarry van de Brantsberg

Barry van het Zwarte Water | Seric v.d. Hondsrughoeve & KA Barry v.d Hessenfarm

Barry van de Gerichtburg Hoeve | Extebarrya van de Leemlande


My sweet little girl, you have enjoyed me so much. Even if it was short, I did not want to miss this. From the beginning that you came into my hands at birth to the end you died in my arms, we had something special. We miss already your sweet sounds. Bye my sweet Ajana Dubarriesch. Till we meet again.

Ajana Dubarriesch